Noise Reduction

Insulating glass unit with standard and high performance glazing for sun control, UV control and thermal insulation.

Kool Glass range of Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) is ideal for maximizing natural lighting and uniform levels of comfort. It helps strike an optimum balance between transparency and thermal insulation. Kool Glass is ideal for external wall claddings, internal partitions, doors, windows and skylights for thermal or acoustic insulation. Manufactured through state-of-the-art technology from Lisec, Austria; Kool Glass range of insulating glass unit is suitable for thermal insulation in transport, pharmaceutical and refrigeration industries. Kool IGUs enable reduction in Shading Coefficients from 12-85% and U-Values in the range of 50-85%, resulting in substantial savings in the initial investments and recurring costs of air conditioning equipment.

Great attention has been paid to every parameter in production process cutting, washing, coupling of glass panes and sealing the units to ensure that the Kool units give trouble free performance over an extended period of time. The state-of-the-art facility permits production of Kool IGU in double and triple glazed versions with a provision for conventional, structural and steeped (one/two/three sided steps) mountings. The range boasts of a wide choice of clear, tinted and coated glass in annealed, heat-strengthened, toughened and laminated form.


Reduced investments in air conditioning and heating
Substantial savings in recurring cost of energy consumption
Better uniform comfort levels due to reduction of disagreeable drafts near glazed areas.
Scope for incorporating larger glazed areas without increasing room temperature or electric consumption.
Superior sound attenuation.

Construction Double or Triple Glazed Units
Thickness Range for Each Glass Lite mm 3 to 15
Overall Unit Thickness Range mm 10 to 52
Width Range of Aluminium Spacer mm 5.5 to 24
Material Types Glass-Figured/ Patterned, Clear, Extra Clear, Body Tinted, Solar Reflective, Pyrolytic or Soft Coated Low E and Solar Low E (Annealed Heat Strengthened or Fully Toughened), Polycarbonate
Process Options IGUs for frames or Structural Glazing, Stepped Glass with 1, 2, 3 or 4 Sided Step Point Fixing Systems
Cavity Filling Air, Inert Gas, special Gases
Glass Shapes Any shape with Linear or Curved edges
Max. Size of Unit 3700 x 2500
Min. Size of Glass 350 x 180