High Security

Laminated glass for security glazing applications.

Burglaries are a common occurrence these days both in residential and commercial premises. Targets are typically premises presenting an easy opportunity and low perceived risk. The prime purpose of security glazing in such cases is to resist penetration for a sufficient interim period to allow other security assistance to reach the site. Fort Glass addresses the serious concern of security in architectural glazing.

Fort Glass is custom designed to offer a specific degree of protection depending on the severity and duration of burglary/forced entry attacks, intensity of ballistic assaults and the energy level of explosive shocks. The glass is specifically configured with alternating layers of glass, high performance plastic and PVB/PET/PU resin. The configuration of units in terms of material, thickness, processing and inter-layers decides the solution for a security application.

In case of ballistic attacks, Fort Glass could be customized to provide different levels of safety for various weapons from medium powered handguns to sporting and hunting rifles to shotguns and military assault rifles. The firing distance, assault sequence, weapon, ammunition used and safety performance required determine the category of Fort Glass to be used.

Recent incidents around the world have conclusively established that bomb attacks are not isolated to specific disturbed or threat areas. Targets seem to have been chosen based on end effect to be achieved and level of security. Most of the damage in a bomb blast is caused by the traveling shock wave and glass debris. Fort Glass with appropriate framing and anchoring has the ability to withstand the shock wave and protect life from flying shards.

These glasses are specifically configured with alternating layers of glass and PVB/cast-in-place resin. The configuration of the built-up glass decides the level of security (resistance to forced entry, bullets, explosions, etc.).

Construction Multilayer
Thickness Range for Each Glass Lite mm 3 to 19
Overall Laminated Thickness Range mm 4 to 80
Max. Weight per Laminate kg 1000
Material Types Glass-Figured/ Patterned, Clear, Extra Clear, Body Tinted, Solar Reflective, Pyrolytic or Soft Coated Low E and Solar Low E (Annealed Heat Strengthened or Fully Toughened), Polycarbonate