Sejal Glass has charted its next growth steps to retain a leading position in the Indian architectural glass solutions market. Already a major player in the country, with years of experience, is focusing on strengthening its lateral and vertical business drivers. These include the development of innovative business processes, strengthening its professional resources and driving market penetration with an ear-to-the-ground approach that is adaptive to local market needs.

With the growth of the Indian economy and the resulting increase in corporate and consumer incomes, as well as foreign investment, Sejal Glass sees significant opportunities for growth in its three SBUs. Sejal Glass's mission is to build a world-class company with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and customer service and to thereby contribute to and benefit from the growth of the Indian economy.

Following are the positions/vacancies at Sejal

Sr. No. Date Position Location Details

Vision & Mission

It is a vision of the Sejal Glass to create a brand image for Sejal that evokes a sense of awe, blind faith and inspiration and to achieve for itself the position of industry leader in the field of float glass manufacturing

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