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Our Values

We have created our values through our experience. Our values reflect who we are and how we behave. They guide us in imbibing our culture and shape our future. Our values are the product of our history and brand vision - they are in fact the foundation of our future.


Our principal objective is to ensure, so far as we are able to do so, that we conduct ourselves and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. In doing this we seek to be both principled and pragmatic.


Doing business with integrity is not only the right thing to do, but also drives performance through building a culture of integrity, managing risks, strengthening our reputation and fostering competitive advantage.

Respect for every Individual

Respect for the individual is one of the core values that have made us into the company we are today. We take pride in the fact that we treat every customer, every supplier and every member of our individual communities fairly and equally.


Credibility is the "reasonable grounds for being believed." One who is credible is trustworthy. We believe in shaping our company and inculcating in each one the spirit of character and competence, so that we build our credibility.

Key Enterprise Process


We value effective leadership at all levels of our organization. Our most senior leaders have a special responsibility to act with integrity, accept accountability, insist on excellence, and support innovation.

Strategic Planning & Risk Management

The company, throught intelligent management strategizers, have the potential to scale difficulties that may come up from time to time. It is this process that can help in the economic situation in which we find ourselves today.

Market Development

Our market development strategy targets new customers in new and emerging markets, by keeping a constant eye on customers, competitors and profitable avenues to growth.

Human Resources

Provide the relevant conceptual framework and knowledge, including knowledge of best practices and concern areas.

Improvement and Change Management

In today’s dynamic and demanding business environment, a company’s ability to align its organisation and processes to the demands of its customers is essential to achieve business success. Recognising and managing change, while at the same time improving the business delivery processes, is not only critical to business survival, but also a catalyst for growth.

Order Generation

Demand Forecasting and Order Generation solution is designed to provide automated stock replenishment as part of a customer service strategy for product delivery.

Operating and Fulfillment

The company is well equipped with facilities and support systems to cater to timely order fulfillments of clients and customers.

Supply Management

Supply management personnel are always prepared for sourcing the most economical and practical solutions, thus saving time and money for all both suppliers and customers.

Research and Development

Our employees are actively associated with journals and conference events and are always looking out for newer trends in the market.

Information Management

Large data volumes are utilized optimally by the company and compliance as to who is able to use it is managed by processes set in place.


The company offers a wide range of exclusive services going beyond manufacturing. In all the services offered, the company follows best practices.


The world around us has changed drastically. Technology has shrunk distances. Expanded possibilities and redefined the way we live. In 1991, we started with a small glass trading retail outlet, Sejal Glass House.

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Vision & Mission

It is a vision of the Sejal Group to create a brand image for Sejal that evokes a sense of awe, blind faith and inspiration and to achieve for itself the position of industry leader in the field of float glass manufacturing

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Group Companies

Sejal Glass Ltd., the flagship of Sejal Group, is one of the preferred processors in India today. SGL is consistently analyzing and satisfying the customer's needs, conveniences and preferences by offering specific product range in different segment.

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