Create Custom Appeal

The latest production range for residential and commercial structures

The range consists of Body Tinted and Pyrolytic Coated Solar Control Glass
Produced by depositing a metallic oxide onto the glass surface during the float manufacturing process
These coatings are extremely hard and durable, to the extent that they can be heat treated and curved if required

  1. 1. It can be used in single glazing, without any change in its durability over the years
  2. 2. It can be used in DGU and as Monolithic Laminated Panels
  3. 3. Standard thickness range from 4 to 10mm

Includes a range of high performance glasses which are developed with a new Pyrolytic (CVD technology; Chemical Vapour Deposition) While viewing from inside the trueness of colours of the surroundings is retained to the maximum possible extent which gives a natural feel to the viewer.

These are available in various colour including brown, clear, grey, green, blue, azure, etc.

It has excellent technical properties with a combination of solar control with low reflection properties and thermal insulation.


A wide range of external appearances with varying degrees of reflectance.
Superior all round performance levels when compared to those of body tinted glass
A multitude of combination to satisfy aesthetic and performance requirements