Armor Glass

Protect & Shield

Laminated glass for safety glazing applications

A perfect blend of style and strength, laminated glass is the preferred choice amongst renowned international architects and designers. In architectural applications, low availability and exorbitant prices have curtailed the use of this versatile product. However, its usage is rapidly increasing with improved availability and better pricing.

The toughness, resilience and adhesion of the interlayer to the glass provide an excellent safety glazing. The unique property of Armor Glass, to remain integral even after breakage of the glass layer, makes it a perfect solution for installations, where the barrier property of the glass is the primary architectural design concern. Armor Glass can be configured with special interlayers to offer solar performance with special colours and designs to suit specific application requirements. Armor Glass, made with Solid Glass Fully Toughened or Heat Strengthened Lites greatly enhances the strength of the glass. The excellent damping property of the interlayer of Armor Laminated Glass makes it an effective sound barrier (acoustic insulation) and helps in blocking harmful ultraviolet rays.

Typically in laminated glass manufacturing process, PVB interlayer is sandwiched between two layers of glass. The sandwich is passed through pressurized rollers and heating ovens to remove air and soften the PVB. The assembly is subject to extreme pressure (10-13 bar) at temperature of 100-150 degrees. During the lamination process, chemical bonds are formed between glass and PVB, and it is this bond that bestows laminated glass its unique properties.


Best option for safety glass as it sticks to the interlayer on breakage
Continues to act as a barrier even after breakage of glass layer
Provides a high level of protection against hurricanes and other natural and man-made disasters.
Blocks up to 99% of UV rays, preventing the fading of interior colours
Provides sound control

Construction Multilayer
Thickness Range for Each Glass Lite mm 3 to 19
Overall Laminated Thickness Range mm 4 to 80
Max. Weight per Laminate kg 1000
Material Types Glass-Figured/ Patterned, Clear, Extra Clear, Body Tinted, Solar Reflective, Pyrolytic or Soft Coated Low E and Solar Low E (Annealed Heat Strengthened or Fully Toughened), Polycarbonate
Interlayer PVB, PET, PU-Clear, Tinted Reflective, Translucent, Design, Cast-in-Place Rasin - Clear, Tinted or Translucent
Interlayer Thickness mm 0.38 to 3.00
Glass Shapes Any shape with Linear or Curved edges
Max. Size of Glass mm 4500 x 2600
Min. Size of Glass mm 400 x 250