Power & Function

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art horizontal tempering plant, Solid Glass possesses higher levels of strength and endurance. Solid Glasses are ideally suited for frameless glass assemblies, shower screens, stairways and for applications requiring resistance to thermal shock. Solid Glass is available in two variants i.e. Heat Strengthened (HS) and Fully Toughened (FT). Solid Glass (HS) is about two times stronger than annealed glass and is recommended for applications where strength and thermal shock resistance are the only concern. Solid Glass (FT) is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass. It crumbles into very small fragments in case of glass breakage; which greatly minimises the risk of personal injury. The features of breakage pattern and higher strength in impact make it the ideal 'Safety Glass'.

Solid Glass is also offered with surface patterns or designs printed on the glass using specific ceramic colours. Owing to a combination of non-fading colours and graphics, Ceramic Silkscreen Solid Glass boasts unique features: a wide selection in colour, graphics and application/functionality. It can be customised, if needed, to meet design needs as well as to create the individuality of space design. Ceramic Silkscreen Solid Glass with partial printing reduces glare, subduing the sunlight intensity. The glass is durable, scratch and moisture-resistant and if used in FT form, it is a safety glass.

Heat Soaking in Solid Glass: On rare occasions, Solid Glass (FT) shatters due to the presence of microscopic additions of Nickel-Sulphide (NiS). NiS stones, which occasionally and randomly form in the glass during primary glass manufacturing, become unstable when glass is tempered (limited to return to their stable state while cooling). Over a period, these unstable stones could expand inside the glass due to temperature variation at the site, causing the entire glass to break. NiS induced fractures are not observed in Solid Glass (HS). Chances of breakage in Solid Glass (FT) are greatly minimised if the glasses are heat soak tested after toughening.

Glass Thickness Range mm 3 to 19
Glass Types   Figured/ Patterned, Clear, Extra Clear, Body Tinted, Solar Reflective, Pyrolytic or Soft Coated Temperable Low E and Solar Low E
Process options   Heat Strengthening, Full Toughening of Flaat Glass with Holes, Cutouts, Surface Textures, Ceramic Fritting, Edge Profiles and Finish
Glass Shapes   Any shapes with Linear and Curved edges
Max. Length of Glass Load mm 3600 (3900 for one piece glass)
Max. Width of Glass Load mm 2440
min. Glass Size mm

100 x 250 for glass thickness 3.8 to 19

200 x 250 for glass thickness 3 to 3.8mm