Decor Glass

Decorative Value

Glass for furniture, ceiling panels and decorative mirrors.

Sejal Glass has achieved an enviable position as a leading provider of decorative glasses in India. Owing to exclusive designs, brilliant finish and high levels of precision in processing, Decor glass is the first choice of architects and designers. The range offers exquisite mirrors, panels, partitions and other furniture in exclusive and custom designed versions. The designer series of Decor glass is offered in six different designs: Thrill, Wrinkle, Modak, Puzzle, Icy and Crackle.


Sejal decorative mirrors are double coated and copper free to ensure enduring performance and freedom form waviness.
Through CNC machine with Italian technology, Sejal Decorative mirrors edges are made beveled that adds style and elegance.
PVS tapes are used on the edges to protect the mirror from harsh weather conditions.

Glass Thickness Range mm 3 to 19
Glass Types Figured/ Patterned, Clear, Extra Clear, Body Tinted
Product Basins, Bath Enclosures Mirrors, Partitions, Panels, Floors, Furniture Tops, Shelves
Process Options Bending, Fusing, Sinking, Heat Strenghtening, Full Toughening Engraving, Embossing, Staining, Air Brushing, Coating, Sand Blasting, chemical Etching, Ceramic Fritting, Edge Profiling, Bevelling
Glass Types Any Shape with Linear or Curved edges
Max. Size of Unit 3600 x 2440